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Postby » Mon May 05, 2003 6:20 pm

(These "fantasy ideas" should NOT be taken, seriously,,, yet...)

((( But,,, with mSpark's EXCELLENT work and serious efforts and with ALL of our patience and help,,, who REALLY knows for sure??? So,,, maybe some day,,, someone will say "Action Quake 2, FOREVER???" and TBM will be there for all of us to help with, to play a lot and to ADMIRE !!! ))) :)

... Idea 1: "the Adventure of "Black Hawk Down" in bite-sized pieces... :)

Has any Server created a map-sequence that "closely" resembles the movie "Black Hawk Down"??? (You know... Something with fairly small buildings with simular textures.) And with mSpark's great new "Hostage Rescue" option, this might become a "downed-piot rescue scenario", perhaps? With 2 teams fighting-over the rescue???

(Some fantasy and future thoughts, here...)

Team A would be the Marines... (Having a new weapon, like a slightly different M4 is WAY TOO MUCH "Fantasy", for now, folks) And of course, BOTH teams A and B would have Bots added to "balance" them, a bit.

Team B would be Delta (BOTH teams could have silenced MP5s and single pistols, for a sound difference with the "Creature Team", below, perhaps?)

The Creature Team, Third Team or the "SPAQ Team", if you will, would be the Bots (after SPAQ is added?) as Ninja warriors "guarding the Hostage"...

... Also,,, you might include most of the Ninjas with, only, noisy MK23 pistols and some with even noisier M4 Assault Rifles, to give them some sort of "MOG cadre" reality... But, still, this would be a MUCH BETTER chance then using simple swords, even, with that built-in sound difference?

(Reportedly, the MOG were terrible, noise-making shooters and only their massive troop-size with their constant "hit and hide" sniping-attacks really caused the problem for the Ranger and Delta ground forces.)

PS... Within CGF, I used those "q2mdl-pm/pmn and soldn" models for a very respectable "racial reality" for the MOG-cadre Bots, but those TBM Ninjas should make for some,,, VERY interesting "substitutes".

*** To finish my FANTASY re-inactment of "Black Hawk Down", they had a lot of "civilians" running around, making it TOUGH not to hurt them, in a Civil MESS like the MOG... So,,, with SPAQ can you have "neutral" characters combined with aggressors? (I would guess that using a female model, with a large bright or white dress, would give the A and B Teams a chance to NOT hit a -1 frag or worse, perhaps???) Hit a Civilian and LOSE the game? ***

... Tiger ... (That's ENOUGH of my CRAZY thoughts.) :)
(But, replicating "Historical Battles" might not be TOO BAD for "cheaply adding" a bit of over-all VR Feel to our present-day Contests.) B)

((( OBTW,,, CGF means "Computer Generated Forces", written by William van der Sterren... (And currently William is located, here: <a href='' target='_blank'>CGF-AI</a> )...)))

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Postby mSparks » Thu May 08, 2003 5:33 pm

good ideas, I'll see what I can get in.

I will however be staying away from any implimentation of money, everything will be points based, and for the purpose of ranking players only.

probably a similar implimetation as that used for pschostats, if anyones familier with it.

Why do I think money is wrong for AQ2?
well AQ2 is movie based, when have you ever seen a movie character base their equipement choice on finances?

Mission play builds on this aspect by effectively allowing games to follow a movie script, how the movie plays out truely depends on how you and other players behave, all thats set out by a mission script is the general outline of how the movie starts, and what the goals are for it to end, I intend these definitions to be as generic as possible. This is why capture the gold has been changed to the more generic 'capture and retrieve' capture the gold can therefore be implimeted, but its just as easy to impliment 'capture the secret engine worth £1m' or 'steal the ancient relic' all you need is to specify the model, its placement and 'recovered' positions and write the description for players to read.
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Postby » Fri May 09, 2003 5:44 pm

(All good points... But do we really want a RPG with Accounting and such picky details???)

((( Recently, I was using a Troop-loss idea with CGF... So, perhaps, in a Team game like TBM, if you lose in a map then you would lose a player or a bot or simply some ammo, on the next map? True, this is not totally real or detailed-accounting but it might HURT, just, enough.))) :)

*** Here is some more FANTASY Dreaming with mSpark's current "Rescue The Hostage" RTH and actually using rope on her,,, that should NOT be taken seriously. ***

... mSparks,,, I suspect that "ihavenolegs" and perhaps, hundreds of TBM players, may want to SEE Lara tied to a BED... ( But, not I...) :)

You could use only a simple object for her, in one of her final "Death poses" and of course, this would not have any animations... Then you might have a fairly cheap "mimic" of this "Roped Down" trick with no ropes being required for the effect. (And obviously, this lara-object would not be a Player, until you "rescue" her and then she would transform into a mate for your team.)

And THANK YOU mSparks, I think that I understand the Hostage's AI, a little bit better, now...

(Within CGF, years ago, I finally found that the "Taking Fire... or radioteam taking_f" command would bring my "patroling" team mates, to me. And your Hostage could be programmed about the same way...)

But instead, your Hostage would, actually, JOIN UP and FOLLOW you, as a true team member... And THAT would be a big BRAVO in my "Bot AI Book". :)

And following that Hostage logic and for some PURE TBM Bot Fantasy Thinking,,, getting your team bots to JOIN UP, with you, might be nice, also???

(Right now, in that City map while playing your Hostage version, I kind of ENJOY the Bots making random choices for their approaches... Because you are left the choice of following a particular strength of Bots and also, to attack, either, the open-side or the alley-side of the "Hostage building" with or without Bot help.)

But now and then, by luck or chance, you will get to the Hostage and there are PLENTY of bad guys, still, in the game... And in a "real combat" situation, you would insist on some help with protecting the Hostage, NOW and not, randomly, TOO LATE. :)

.. Tiger ...
(Simply some FUN Noise and Dreams for much, MUCH later, Folks.) B)

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Postby » Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:10 pm

(Just, some more of my Noise and Dreams... So, Read and Ignore for now.)

mSparks has probably already thought of this stuff, already, anyway. :)

PS... Thanks to mSparks for introducing the Nine2 map to TBM.

And, while I was marveling at this fairly "Bot Safe" map with all of its great, dark MOOD, customed subway, gates and some hidden "second levels",,, I thought about "Gates, normally, being neutral and swinging BOTH WAYs" in our real world...

So,,, to perhaps solve that classic problem of a Team of Bots being stuck behind a Door",,, could swinging-door switches be made to, always, swing away from the switch's side??? (This is presuming at least 2 switches per door and they are on opposite sides of it.) Plus, this sounds much more visually acceptable then making the door un-solid to allow bots to pass.

Next, is a "Smoother Bot-passage along a Node path" idea...
(Of course, narrow passages will still cause a minor problem.)

I have seen bots bump and argue about WHO has the Right of Way, more then a few times in wide open places... :)

So,,, could they "aim" a little bit to the right or left of a node point???
(And, of course, bots on very thin upper-paths might not make this a very bright idea?) :(

But, in large wide-open areas, like in the De_Dust map, they might simply pass each other, without a moment's pause. And this would be a bit like having 2 seperate traffic lanes on the same road???

(Sorry to bother... But that swinging-door idea does have a bit of decent logic to it.) :)

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Postby » Thu Aug 14, 2003 12:51 pm

(Here are some of my Daughter's feelings about LtkTbm... And, maybe, this might cover a lot of Adventure Game players, also?) And BTW, my stuff, here, is ALWAYs Dream Stuff... So, please, never take it seriously... Okay???

PS... She really appreciates the REALITY of a Sniper Holding his Target !!! :)

But, she said one interesting thing after deftly disposing of several bots...
"Is that it???"

I asked, What more would you want???

She said, in whole, that it was like the enemy simply went AWAY, too quickly... And, you don't really see the effect of your shot.

(I took away particles, so the blood waterfall-effect would not, almost totally, BLOT OUT her view through the scope.)

And she played a bit and still, was not impressed.

So,,, I guessed about slowing down their "final animations"...
Showed her SkinView and its slow-motion animation and said "This is way too slow... But is THIS more of your ideal effect for their animations at the end of a shoot-out?

And she agreed that it gave more of a reward to winning a fight... (And, of course, there would be an additional delay-penality for dying with these slower animations.) :)

( I would guess that this is impossible to do, without doubling or even tripling the animations frames of EVERY player model in existance?)

But,,, if the code has a seperate routine for "final animations", what might be done to enhance this small Victory or "Pay-off" during our TBM game?

(Would timer-delay logic, between model-frame displays, cause a terribly bad over-all game play delay???)

... And here's a "no brainer" idea, almost...
"...What was the name of that map that I just finished? Duhhh???" :)

Would placing the map's name and its author, perhaps, be a big deal on the F1 Teams Info screen??? (This seems a pretty handy key and that screen seems to be, always, displayed at the end of any map?)

(Thanks for Listening to my silly Dreams.) :)

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