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Postby » Thu Sep 25, 2003 12:31 am

*** Stumbled around the Web and found that I needed a graphics editor that does the Alpha-Channel (that white shadow, below) and that is simply that... Sorry to have bothered you, folks. And please ERASE this, if you want to... Thanks ***

(I have been using .pcx and they are getting pretty sad looking for this new TBM graphics power.) Also, to me, the current TBM scopes are more like screen-savers in "2x powers". :)

I deleted all the scope#x.tga's OUT of pak0.pak but still, everything that I have created as scope2x.tga or whatever has a white shadow of the old .tga scope#x??? This is kind of WILD!!! Is there a background scope piece that cannot be, normally, found?

(Just send me to the right Quake2 graphics page and I will leave you,,, guys,,, alone. ) :)

... Thanks for the Directions...

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Postby mSparks » Fri Sep 26, 2003 12:41 am

;) if you've got the pak3.pak in there from the update 13.-1.7 update, theres three new ones in there (pics directory)

should've got to this sooner, but couldn't work out what it could be, late night stomp to the 24 hour cleared my head nicely.
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Postby » Fri Sep 26, 2003 3:40 pm

... Well, hello mSparks...
(Please... You really need not concern yourself with such trivial "user stuff".) :) And damn,,, guy!!! I didn't mean for you to be risking yourself as "late night road kill on the highway buffet" for this little simple-minded problem of mine. ;)

Ps... I found a tutorial using Photoshop that makes Alpha Channel stuff fairly straight forward (Simply need to find a "copy", now.) :)

Also I suspect that PSP in versions higher then my 4.12 gets involved with it.
(Wally, of course, didn't which is totally understandable.)

OBTW,,, I had found those very same scope images in pak0.pak, earlier?
(Oh well... No matter... Still the same "screen saver" size to these old eyes.)

For years, I have used a very small, minimal sight as an interesting part of my Quake targeting...

I simply track it, out of the corner of my eye and then only, at the very last moment will I verify that the "very center" of the sight, the smallest part, is on its Mark. (And therefore, the rest of a large un-used sight, simply, gets in the way of the game graphics and some of the action, you might say.)

So,,, for the fun of it,,, does anyone have a "still-existing" Quake 2 area on the web, where one can shop for some mini sights in .tga format with, perhaps, a new scope to match? :)

... Tiger...

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