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Postby mSparks » Fri Aug 29, 2003 1:04 pm

well, not exactly, more like a change to the channel (and its default)

basically, the radio commands as they are now, really irratate me, they're a great idea, but I just find the implientation a little off.

for example "Im hit"
great, someone on your team is telling you they've just taken one in the behind, and could really do with some assistance, but so what? by the time you've read the name, you've no idea where they are and the next thing you know they're dead....

enter channel 'voice':
atm, you will probably know you get 2 radio channels, team and partner. its always been the case that partner channel was the most usefull but with complications do to with actually assigning a partner, its really been limited to clans.
what i propose is changing the default channel (channel 0) to channel voice, but you can still use the channel command to switch to the old team and partner channels.

so what is channel voice?
well those of you who've been enjoying the openAL audio implimentation, will know how great the 3d sound is, even on two speaker systems.
Channel voice isn't really a radio message, it comes from the players mouth... so if you call "im hit" or "back" or whatever, instead of coming through full volume to your entire team, it will be placed, much like footsteps or gunshots as coming from your position.
it also means sounds like 'cover me' can be placed to the exact player that said them.
so whats the verdict? nice idea or dumb waste of time....
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Postby Warclub » Mon Sep 01, 2003 6:14 pm

this isnt voice chat right?..its voice or message sounds that are directional?
If thats the case I'm all for it. Thats one of the biggest problems as far as team work...Sometimes during a game,I'm like..ya I know, I'd really lke to help ya but I dont remember where you went lol.

Also. i dono the game engine's limits but if you've played American's Army "Operations" and choose to be a medic, there's compass on top of everyones screen at all times and if someone is injured and presses 'M" the medic will see a second little red pulsing blood drop waypoint or caret.on their compass (whew i probly coulda shortened that sentence). It even has a tiny red arrow pointing up or down always in relation to your position. That was an interenting addon that happened just recently.

So I'm thinking the directional voice thing is great and will add immediate effect to the game . Also,since you'll be hearing "I'm hit" a lot, from different people and directions, maybe an added option would be for a directional marker for the "I need back-up" radio call.

So Yes I do Like your idea

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Postby Xeon » Tue Sep 02, 2003 11:16 am

im thinking of a radar, but that may end up CS like. there should be another way. and, no, i dont disagree with the proposal, just suggesting what A3D- lacking people can have as an alternative :)

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Postby » Tue Sep 09, 2003 5:41 pm

... Wow !!! From Local Sounds and their Directions to Compass and then Radar!!!

Since Active World became Alpha World and then LOST a lot of us with their over-charging schemes,,, I have appreciated some sort of compass on the screen... (Heck... To me, this gives just a bit more feel to any virtual reality software, where you never get to really feel turns or spins.)

But, for a combat simulator, maybe we need something like map coordinates? I don't know, how all of the maps are defined for compass locations. But, could the center of any map be considered as the base-location called "N 00 / W 00" or something simple like that?

And could you have your coordinate represented in a box or a modern-looking compass on the bottom of the screen with your location, like above and a direction indicator, like "NNE" or in degrees like "015", in a bright red above it?

And then, (God this has gotten DEEP) :) , when you hear messages like "I'm Hit!!!" or "Send Help", etc ,,, the text on the screen could have your Buddy's coordinates, like above.

THEN,,, you do some fairly quick and simple subtraction and you would have a good, basic idea where he is, without much trouble, in relationship to you, anywhere on the map.

(Back to your original question "changing the default channel (channel 0) to channel voice"... Sure... That sounds excellent to me from where I'm sitting with two speakers.) :)

... Tiger ...
(Sorry... This became a heck of a lot more like one of my "TBM Dream Ideas", then something small and simple.) :(

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