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Postby mSparks » Thu Dec 28, 2006 4:50 pm

OK, so for the first time I have physical proof that the UK is now issuing passports with RFID chips in them. Up untill now it has been mostley theoretical discussion of wether we should do it.

  • should decrease waiting times at airports
  • better control and intelligence on potential threats
  • realitively easy to forge (think DVD decryption) so security cannot be used as an excuse
  • extreme identity theft risk (steal your entire identy, DOB picture etc simply by close proxity to passport)
  • If a government should ever come to power who the people do not support (BNP, or heaven forbid the nazis) individual freedoms (such as not being locked in an asylum seeker style camp) are easily manipulated to the detriment of society - think Heroin 19th century.
  • Tighter boarders and increased likelyhood of a come back of people like the East India Company - basically drug dealers and slave masters
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