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A disscussion of the evolution of what we are today and how we got here:
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Postby mSparks » Tue Apr 05, 2005 8:31 pm

Well, erm wow. I never realised how fundamental this book was to my general view and formation of those views as a child. I think I must have been barely in double figures of age when I last read this. So thought it worth a little discussion now Im old and can fully understand some of the views this book tries to get accross, and that were totally missing in the film adaptations.
Firstly, like any 'apocalyptic' book should, day of the triffids touches on the deep rooted fear that im sure all of us share from time to time, of 'what will happen if it all breaks down'. But, Day of the triffids is different, its symbolisms resound in many aspects of our everyday life whether we notice them or not.
To me Day of the triffids isn't just a sci-fi story, in fact, if you take things from a symbolic perspective, fiction plays only a minor role in this book. It reads like an artform, sentances and paragraphs flow like the strokes of a brush, at times, the direction and form of events are absolutely obvious, but only as the full picture becomes evident does the true story actually show itself.

One the books I was taught in English at school was called Lord of the flies, I cant remember much in the way of details of what happened in this book, but the teaching I do remember, and hopefully quite well. In lord of the flies, nothing you read should be taken as 'precise' events, moreover they are symbolic. It is a voyage of deliberation of the evil inherrant in mankind. However, having read DOTT again, I think John Wyndham explores this essense much more thoroughly, and definately in a much more entertaining and thought provoking way. Here, the symbolisms are not just the inherrant evil of mankind, but also the good. The theories of the foundations of religion and tradition are thoughtfully conveyed and well thought out. In fact, my view of the creation of the various bibles follow a similar theme. That dramatic and cataclysmic events took place in the past, and these written words are what is left after the populus rebuilds itself.

As for an almighty being? well, I'll save that for another time, my idea here is not to consider whether a diety exists or not, merely to construe my belief that nothing ever written is 100% truth. What needs to be extracted are the symbolic ideas that these words convey, and then placed together to form some kind of idea of the plane of existance that we inhabit.
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Postby dan_w » Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:41 pm

I read DOTT in my youth, in Spanish; and was in my early teens at the time. And I can't even remember how it ends; but I'll make a point of trying to find it next time I go shopping. Thanks for reminding me of it. ;-)

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