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Postby mehrsein » Mon Jan 02, 2006 7:53 pm

I'm running ltktbm18r3-win32andlinux.zip on a Linux kernel 2.6.13 using a Radeon 9500 Pro with latest ATI drivers (8.20.8). When I set to fullscreen mode in console (vid_fullscreen 1), screen flackers, but it stays windowed.

Instead, issuing "vid_restart" acts as a fullscreen toggle for me; when I'm in fullscreen, I get to windowed mode and vice versa. The vid_fullscreen variable is correctly reflecting this. Weird...

The same happens when I'm choosing fullscreen from menu. It's also the same in sdlgl and glx.

In softx mode, changing vid_fullscreen doesn't work either, but vid_restart makes the engine exit with this error: "Error: VID: Could not open display []".

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