How to Bypass hutchinson 3g's Internet blacklist

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How to Bypass hutchinson 3g's Internet blacklist

Postby mSparks » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:09 am

So I got one of these new smartphones on hutchinson 3g (HTC Wildfire).
Only it turns out hutchinson 3g is not the real internet (don't know about other networks), and it turns out some 90% of the sites I visit are either blacklisted "Sorry 3 cannot deliver this page to you" or "adult" - please use your creditcard to verify your age.


after some messing round with proxying it via my home connection, I stumbled across a simple solution.

Install the Opera mini browser from android market, it automatically proxies web connections through opera servers, compressed for mobile browsing.

Which has the side effect of bypassing hutchinson 3g's onerous internet blacklist.
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