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Postby mSparks » Thu Feb 20, 2003 12:09 pm

for those who have trouble with the alpha release dropping out with 'cant find pics/16to8.pcx' when trying to run in opengl theres two fixes.
1. If you have the origonal quake 2 disk, extract 16to8.dat from the pics directory in pak0, this WILL fix the problem
2. If you dont, or cant, try setting "8 bit textures" to 'no' in the video menu,
its basically missing the conversion table for converting the 16 bit colour textures in the install to 8 bit for use in the game, this has been fixed in the next release.

Also, Please note the compiler that runs during the alpha install take ALONG TIME and crashes at the end, dont worry about it, if you got this far, the game is installed and will play fine.
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