LTKTBM uses old aq2 code

bug reports/issues with ltktbm
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Postby RiviEr » Sun Jan 04, 2004 1:32 am

As the topic said, ltktbm uses the old aq2 , like when you use the sniper, it hits one or two centimeter above, and they have also around two pages of bug fixes from this aq2 version to their last final. So, mSparks. I belive its best to just correct the bugs that the ltktbm users finds over the time, rather than re-implent the code to the final. But that depends on how the base "Ace bot" code was implented in the first place, with either its own #include ltk.c and ltk.h or if it maybe just was mixed within the whole dsp. :rolleyes:

This is nothing that i think its on the top priority list, just sharing my thoughts for the later releases.


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Postby » Tue Jan 06, 2004 5:43 am

... RiviEr, at what "yardage" or meter-distance are you seeing this 2cm rise?
(And does LTK/TBM have a Shooting Range for our Weapon's Tests?)

In my cases, I find the most distant spot that I can still see and then go to the kneeling position, adjust at full scope-power my sighting with my mouse and then use a key to actually fire the rifle... And, every time, the hit is dead center of my very simple, but close tolerance sights. (It's only an open area of about 3 by 3 pixels?)

... Thanks for the details...

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Postby smurphster » Tue Jan 06, 2004 5:51 pm

it also depends on what handiness you're using (i think i explained that in the guides). also, i'm not sure if it was the version that ltk was built on, but i know a few versions had a "fix" for it that just rendered the crosshair higher. idk, that was so long ago i can't remember any details.. i have a horrible memory.


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