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Postby RiviEr » Sat Oct 18, 2003 10:17 am

Ive seen that bots with sniper crouch, hold and fire. Bots with mp5 etc stand and shoot a singel shoots.

This is quite strange, Bots without laser but have mp5 need to crouch to get high acc, bots with laser dont need to. Sniping bots is better of standing , due to that they curently crouch hold, and snipe. During this time, i can run torwards them and knife them.

My sugestions is as follows.

Randomize weither sniping bots crouch, but i like the way they wait. But it would be more realistic to randomize this aswell.

Bots with burst weapons, without laser should crouch, bots with laser should not.

Pistols etc.....

It would be rather cool if you added a randomize effect on all bots, or a personal behaviour. Like "Mr.T" a silly n00b uses Burst with laser but still crouch.

Stuff like that :)


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Postby mSparks » Sat Oct 18, 2003 4:01 pm

ahh, this stuff is actually quite nice, since its the type of things Im watching and working on now.

It would be rather cool if you added a randomize effect on all bots

dispite the fact that this sounds like a good idea, it actually doesn't work well at all, because accuracy is actually not the most important factor, a big problem with crouching is that a lot of the time, especially if an enemy is below an attacking bot, the act of crouching obscures its view and it looses sight of its ememy.

It basically has to go into the learning algorithm to work any better, something which I haven't got round to just jet, as theres still some other movement and routing problems that I need to finish working on before I get to improving what happens when an attack starts to take place. However a prime example of this was weapon selection, before the weapon selection was tied into the learning algo, they actually played a better game if they perminantly choose the MP5 (which is why now the MP5 always starts as the prefered weapon, but obviously, this doesn't make for a good bot either since an MP5 is not always a good choice, so now they learn and change which weapon they prefere to use)
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