WIA in MS VS .NET 2005

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Postby smurphster » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:27 pm

mSparks.. maybe you can help with this...

part of my practicum is designing an interface with a webcam that a user can take a pic, and then easily upload it to myspace.com or thefacebook.com etc. i'm trying to use WIA but, like all M$ API's, its way more complex than it should be and there is little documentation. does anyone have any experience programming w/ that API? all i need to do is get the video preview to work and then i'm just going to draw a jpeg from the picturebox. i'm able to take snapshots but for some reason the snapshot comes in extremely low resolution (much lower than the video preview). any help is appreciated!!

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Postby mSparks » Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:18 pm

Sorry sir, sounds like your going to be playing around in msdn for a while. fwiw when I was working with the webcam stuff I just used openCV. easy to use and quite tidy. I'd say look for samples, prob with openCV is being dll based it's not so striaght forward tro bring into .net apps, if thats your flavour.
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