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Ragdol Readme
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Ragdol Physics -skeletal physics demonstration - Readme details
skeletal physics realtime control engine class v0.5

left/right arrows :- apply rotational force about environmantal vertical axis.
forward/back arrows :- apply force to front/back of models COG.
home/end:- apply force about environmental vertical axis.
insert/delete :- change model pitch.

Author: mSparks (
Coding Time:~12 hours.
Testing Time:~4-8 hours.
Devlopement time: 4 days.
Acknoledgements:NeHe SDK from, Original unoptimised gundam model from
License:This Software is provided as is without any express or implied warranty. It may be redistributed in unmodified form provided this readme remains intact, and no charge is made for the distribution. It is intended for demonstration and proof of concept only and should not be considered full and final in any manner.


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