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.Plan, July 17, 2007,
Well Well, it looks like its time for a new .plan.
First up, whats been happening? Well I have now finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool, graduating with a first in Economics and Computer Science. LTBTBM alpha is now alive and well with a developed backbone and some publicly available results coming soon. I'm especially pleased with the learning and management implementation (which I hold largely responsible for the 1st). Unfortunately, all this comes under the Classified section of TheBorgMatrix overview so I cant go into any more detail than this.
What I can go into more detail on is whats up next.
It is
The water engine...
Actual development should continue this week, but I have already started looking into finishing up development of the parts that were holding a release back before (multi threading, automated object creation and cpu timing).
The website should now be back up to 100%, I need to find a new place to live, which may disconnect me for a short while if I have to get a new connection set up, but I'll ensure that I have everything I need downloaded before that happens so dev can continue. I'm also now pretty much 100% in Linux, although LTKTBM Linux cant really take on much shape because I am on Fedora 7, and ATI haven't managed to get their drivers working with xorg 7.3, so until they actually get a release out which works I cant use opengl based stuff with any kind of stability. That said, fedora 7 rocks.

.Plan, November 30, 2006,
Hopefully, a solid few months of developement is approaching
Not much has changed in the way of priorities since my last .plan, however, during the next cycle we should hopefully see a large increase in the number of supported and available routes - and hence maps - which should give me a better idea of where we stand in terms of missing textures.
With regards to the top two priorities (#1 uni and #2 LTBTBM dev app), I am hoping to get a web based beta up soon centered around educational learning, which should firstly make uni significantly easier, and secondly provide some decent feedback on what needs work on the LTBTBM app (#1 and #2 combined - YEY!)

.Plan, October 12, 2006,

LTKTBM has come a long way in what? 9 years.. This progress is probably the main reason I have not made this choice sooner. v1.9 is the first actually respectable, playable, standalone release, and I have to admit I've been loathed to go back to the days when releases just plain didn't work

Time is back on the endangered species list, so, I'm revising my previous couple of .plans slightly. Now instead of ploughing straight into v2.0, fully open source and progressing the related sub projects futher, these projects can wait slightly.

It seems, my friends, that your not happy with just watching a few videos of the new water engine, you actually want to PLAY it....

I have a new application based on the LTBTBM structure mentioned in the developer section, which for the near term has taken priority over LTKTBM. This project is now fairly well developed, with a beta being demo'd to clients at the the end of the month. However I'm also changing the priorities mentioned earlier and bringing the water engine up to #3 priority (below uni work and the application mentioned above)

A pre-Alpha of this engine will probably be the next release on the site, the first thing I need to do is find its system requirements and get it working the same on all machines, this will probably take a couple of revisions to get working which is what I meant by going back to the days when releases just plain didn't work. Once this is passed the alpha stage, I will probably re-assess my position again, but untill then, expect to be able to make a splash sometime in the near(er) future.

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.Plan, August 6, 2006,
Following the recent hard drive failure I came very close to loosing a significant amont of work. Luckily this wasn't the case. Almost all the work lost has been proof of concept projects and a few minor revisions to existing code. Probably the only code that I shouldn't have lost is a new version of pathfinder - which shouldn't be to much work to recreate - the game of life earth applet and the lower control panel for milliEcon v0.2 (the engine for v0.2 and all of v0.1 is still here) - although because these last two were also proof of concept work, they dont represent a significant loss.
I'm now very close to having a linux box all up and working, which is where I'm going to shift most of my .dev work to.
On the LTKTBM front, a release of LTKTBM_LITE will be the next release on the site, This also marks the start of LTKTBM v2.0, which will be a full GPL version of LTKTBM using the TNG code with some non GPL plugin extras of the most recent work done for the TBM_AI SDK. I also have some new gfx code on top of the water engine and skeletal physics which will probably make it to general release before these two, but I'll be keeping details of these close to my chest for now.
If all goes well over the next week or so, I'll probably be fully booked up until the end of september, this is a shame since, while donations have been enough to secure LTKTBM's place in history (BIG THANKS to everyone who has donated so far), they have not been of proficient quantity to secure as much of my time for now as I would have liked. On that front I am very pleased with the work that has gone into the site over the past month or so, Pay-pal integration on the site all seems to be working smoothly now, and the new admin functions are an absolute dream to work with. Apologies to the one or two people who inadvertantly had their IPs banned during some of the security updates. I've been keeping a close eye on that front and I think I've ironed out all of the potentials for false positives that can arise, there may still be one or two areas of concern but all in all it seems to have gone well.

.Plan, May 22, 2006,

So another year of TBM_AI has passed us by, and its time to lock down some serious planning.

The segmentation of the overall project into its several sub projects has led to greatly improved efficiency in both progressing the project and providing substantial intermediate goals to aim for. This is one of the primary reasons things have been quite quiet in this section for so long. The evolving site design should now make it much easier to formalise goals and direction and in this area one of the primary things I would like to publish soon is a model of how the overall project has now been structured and the direction each aspect is to take.

In actual development plans, it seems the primary sub projects to take precedence is that of the AI itself, along with further releases of the openAL audio engine. That said, this aspect is not entirely set in stone, with so many sub projects to juggle, Its more than likely the priorities of the individual projects will change over the year.

The fork of the AI project into a pure separate system has moved into the production phase, for game players this has an important implications for future releases.

The release of LTKTBM v1.9 is pencilled in for a release date of the 6th of June. Which I’m hoping should be achievable given my current time constraints, and the remaining write up required on the site and installer.

LTKTBM v2.0 will now be the first official release with full true TBM_AI code, probably built on an AQ2:The Next Generation (AQ2:TNG) backbone (CTF anyone??), and maybe utilising the QFusion engine (although this possibility is subject to attaining sufficient permission from the ReactionQuake 3 developers.).

The water project for the engine as well as the Skeletal/Ragdol Physics models, will remain for now as teasers to promote site donations, If the number of donations are sufficiently high, these sub projects (including LTKTBM v2.0) will move up the priority queue from other projects which could be consuming my time over the next twelve months. For hints as to what these might be you need merely look in the developer section of the site at things such as milliEcon, game of life - Earth and the Dictionary.

On top of all this, I move into the 3rd year of Economics and Computer Science, at Liverpool University in September. Which is always going to be at the very top of my priorities, but we’re still someway off that, and until then, what happens next is up to you.


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