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AQ2 LTKTBM Edition
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Q2A3D is an openAL (open Audio Layer) sound implimentation for Quake2 based engines. However it is also intended to be as portable as possible, automating many comman audio tasks and providing seemless integratiion into any game.

OpenAL is an LGPL audio platform compatible with windows/linux/mac which provides access advanced audio functions such as multi speaker systems, EAX extensions and much more. It is hardware independant and similar in implimetation to the OpenGL graphics library. You can find out more on creatives developer site @

In contrast, Q2A3D is designed to be similar in implimentation to Q2's ref_soft or ref_gl graphics engines. providing a simple inteface for the game engine to issue sounds which are then controled by the q2a3d audio engine. Below you will find code & snippets to impliment this audio engine into the Q2E (Q2Max based?) game engines. This tutorial is now somewhat out of date. especially since the Q2E developers have now integrated the q2a3d source directly into their engine, it remain here for now for archival purposes and to ease the documentation when the new shiney version with VOIP eventually gets implimented

Q2E (& possibly Q2Max) game engine implimentation Tutorial


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