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AQ2 LTKTBM Edition
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LTKTBM Documentation - Weapons and Items

AQ2: LTK TBM :Weapons and Items:



Back when AQ2 was created, it was pretty unique in the sense that it was based on real world settings and guns. You won't see a rocket launcher or a BFG. Every gun in AQ2 is based on a real life weapon so each has its advantages and disadvantages giving AQ2 extremely balanced gameplay. Each gun is listed below with a description, their advantages and disadvantages. Unique weapons (aka "special weapons") are in blue

MK23 PistolEveryone starts with a pistol. Holds 12, 9mm rounds. Can be switching from automatic to semi-automatic fire modes (w/ the weapon command)Can carry and fire 2 at once. Use w/ laser & silencerNot too accurate, shoots slower than other automatics
M3 Super 90 Assault ShotgunShoots 12 gauge buckshot shells. Holds 7 shells.Packs a very hard punchOnly for short range combat
MP5/10 SubmachinegunFully automatic or 3-round burst modes. Holds 30 rounds in a clip.Sprays bullets like nutz with moderate accuracy. Use w/ laser & silencerNot too powerful, aim for the head
HandcannonAka: sawed off shotgun. Shoots 2, 12 gauge shells simultaneously.Packs a very very hard punchMust be reloaded after every shot. Shortest range of all weapons
Sniper RifleZooming sniper rifle. Holds 6 AP rounds.Extremely accurate while zoomed. Can be silenced. Very deadly (even goes through kevlar)Horrible for close range fighting
M4 Assault RifleAnother fully automatic or 3-round burst machinegun. Holds 24 bullets in a clipMore powerful than MP5/10. Use w/ laserHas a lot of kick. Can't be silenced
Combat KnifeKnives for throwing or slashingUsually one hit = killVery short range for slashing. Difficult to hit while throwing
M26 Fragmentation GrenadePull the pin and throw. Has 3 distance settingsVery deadlyDifficult to place accurately



In addition to weapons, you also get special items. Each is listed and described below

Kevlar vestAbsorbs some damage from bullets. Not as effective against AP rounds and won't save you from knives
LasersightImproves accuracy of the pistol, MP5/10, and M4. Enemies can see your red dot though so be careful
Stealth SlippersCompletely silences your footsteps
SilencerSilences the gunfire of the pistol, MP5/10, and Sniper Rifle
BandolierAllows you to carry an extra weapon and more ammo. The bandolier also comes with IR vision goggles and grenades (in teamplay mode).



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