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TBM_AI Developer - All Project Overview

The Borg Matrix, is a complex, complete, Artificial Inteligence system. Based around the TBM Learning Algorithm devised and further refined by Mark 'mSparks' Parker from early 1998. It has been the foundations for the development of the Licence to Kill The Borg Matrix (LTKTBM) project, intended to test, refine and demonstrate its requirements in order to produce a working software system suitable for a vast array of applications, analysis and design.

The LTBTBM (Licence to Breed The Borg Matrix) is the next phase in developing this algorithm, whereas LTKTBM primary function was to simulate the destruction of irrelevant and unneeded information, LTBTBM is intended to powerfully aid in the original data capture. LTBTBM is the eyes, ears, hands and feet of the TBM_AI project. LTKTBM is the destructive enviroment the AI must exist, in order to become successfull.

The following diagram shows how each individual sub-project ties together into the overall TBM_AI SDK project.

The 'classified' portion of the diagram represents the components on the LTBTBM side of the project which are currently not available for public digest. Whilst the overall classified component is marked as 'proof of concept and partial implimentation' several sub components are fully implimentated and well tested. An example of this is the automated generic data collection, which completed testing in 2004, but is not available to the public due to the possible legal implications it could impose on its users - I'm still left wondering who would be to blame if this system was to break into protected systems and collect information the user is not authorised to access, something it could quite easily do without the users knowledge, especially since the ability to gain access to such systems is a side effect of the TBM_AI learning algorithm, which is part of said data collection system, for now however this is avoided by limiting the system to targeting information from a location the user requests, and forceably preventing it from using password dictionaries to gain that access.

Currently, no LTBTBM distribution will be able to take place, untill the next generation of distributable media is well established, the base data for the LTBTBM project to function correctly currently occupies around 60GB, once you start taking additional data collection and processing into consideration this is expected to grow to many Terrabytes. For this reason the LTBTBM core design is part of a distributed system, gaining fast, secure and reliable access to this data has been the focus of the design for the past year or two.

On top of this, due to the rapidly growing interest in the LTKTBM side of the project, further releases of this project are expected to continue for many years to come. There is plenty of scope for this within the LTBTBM project, which relies, in more ways than one, on the results of the LTKTBM project, to function cleanly and effectively.

LTBTBM is more of an educational and business software package than the gamer, end user focus of the LTKTBM project. However these two user groups fit well together, with end users benifiting from the powerfull aspects of the LTBTBM project, and education and business benefiting from the visuals and performance providing by the gaming inustry.


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