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Game Thread Story Lines - City

It was a cold and lonely day in the city, the lone marines SSG sniper rifle cooled his fingers as he waited for the next round to begin, three of his friends had worked hard to take out the automated MPMG located on the corner that had mercilessly mowed down so many of their friends, but now they had all left. Left him alone to face the six vampires that he was about to slaughter, and rescue the pretty maiden that intel told them was located somewhere in the city.
Suddenly, like the cries of a movie, the next round of assault begins “Lights, Camera…. ACTION”

Quickly he rushed to a high vantage point on top of the closest building to await the onslaught. Passing the gun emplacement that had caused so much damage, for a moment he wondered who would be evil enough to provide these unholy creatures with such a deadly weapon, but as the first vamp crossed into his line of sight, there was nothing but pure concentration. He rested the deadly rifle hard against his shoulder, and clicked the setting on the scope, 2x, 4x 6x, rested the cross hairs cleanly between the eyes of the oncoming face of hell, and lightly squeezed the trigger….

Almost instantly, the scull of his foe disappeared in a gush of blood, catapulted some distance away by the force of the shot, the headless corpse slumping lifeless to the floor, but something was wrong, like a sixth sense, the marine knew he was in trouble, as he moved the scope from his eyes, a slight sound of dislodged tiles told him to watch his back, spinning round he was greeted by a snarling face and a hefty shotgun. Shooting from the hip, he pumped a round into the legs of the oncoming vamp, stumbling slightly; it raised its shotgun to its shoulder and pumped off two rounds, glancing his waist, the force knocking him to the ledge below, and breaking his leg.

Crippled, he pulled his knife from his tunic, clasped it firmly between his thumb and forefinger, and flung it at where he’d just been, a tell tale ‘glurp’ and the dead vamp fell to the ground, the knife lodged firmly in its heart.

Fashioning a splint from some wood that was lay next to him, he bandaged his wounds and stood up straight, walked over and picked up the gleaming shotgun. Nice, this was going come in handy.

He crossed the street, making for the police station, hoping for help; instead he was greeted by another narled face, straddling his old M4 assault rifle. Pumping a shell out of the shotgun, he wedged thousands of metal bearings cleanly in its chest, barely making a sound it toppled backwards and fell in a heap on the floor, followed by several other body parts.

Quickly he ran up some stairs, and through a wooden door, a shrill cry for help told him he was close. As he rounded the corner, there she was, beautiful red hair, and bound tightly in the corner of the room. He ran over and cut her bonds. With barely a murmur she picked herself up and headed for the door, no amount of calling could get her back. So, pulling his sword from its holster, he ran after her.

But what’s this? Was he too late? A succession of rapid fire from what sounded like an MP5 cut into his soul, as he bounded down the stairs, the wounded hostage limped towards him, as he traversed the gap that signalled his exit from the building there it stood, MP5 in hand, ready to pump him full of lead. He swung viciously at the vampires throat, just as its gun started to sound, cleanly the blade sliced its neck, bullets bouncing harmlessly of his blade, before one ricochet cut into his arm.

Not having time to bandage, he swung round to see the gorgeous red head running away, close to the wall. As he took off after her again he lost sight of her for a moment. Just as he got her back into view, a sharp pain in his hip seamed to shove him to one side, glancing to his left he saw a mean looking vampire, up close and personal, as he readied his blade for some more action, facing his enemy, a large explosion from behind him told him it was all over, as he span through the air, he caught a glimpse of a vampire he hadn’t seen, clutching a sawn-off shotgun.

As his shredded torso hit the floor, and he felt the world become dark, he watched as the hostage climbed into a waiting car, and disappeared into the distance, safe at last.


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