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AQ2 LTKTBM Edition
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Game Thread Storylines

AQ2: LTKTBM covers many different aspects of gamplay. One of the main developing aspects of these is the capability to configure characters with advanced AI to play an ever changing theme with a comman story line. LTKTBM does this through a gametype called "movie script" which allows a mutiplayer game to be configured to interact with these characters, and also through the use of 'in map' characters to allow true dynamic, single player story threads to be developed. You can currently experience examples of thes players by selecting 'move script' from the start game menu, where multiplayer maps take on new levels with the introduction of (computer controlled) 'hostages' which must be safely rescue'd and escorted from one place on the map to another, and 'leaders' who have predefiend looks and capabilities.

Here you will find story threads of the types of experiences you can expect when playing movie script.


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