LTKTBM ragdol limb physics C++ openGL demo application

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Ragdol Physics -skeletal physics demonstration

Author: Mark 'mSparks' Parker.

Skeletal Physics:Skeletal model, realtime physics, C++ manipulation class.

Currently under developement, and available for now, only in demonstration form, This C++ based skeletal manipulation class provides proof of concept for rapidly manipulating skeletal bones, with joint constraints, impact detection and realtime physics within a simulated environment.

Capabilities & abilities:

A limb physics class provides environmental, realtime manipulation of overall bones connected to a body, this is used for motion control of the limbs based on the skeletons bone properties and interaction with the physical envirnoment.

A skeletal model class provides manipulation, rotation and impulse to indivual limbs, the control body along with interation with limb physics, based on joint contrainsts and infomation recieved from either the limb physics class or effected animation frames. This allows for both manipulation based on set frame bone rotation for fixed animation, or realtime environmental interaction based on infomation transceived from the limb physics class's.

The Future:

The demo below is intended as proof of concept and code developement for bi-directional interation with a seperate physics manipulation engine and simple effect joint manipulation utilizing constrained bones (which it has done quite nicely). The Final implimention may utilise the GPL skeletal model structure developed for Darkplaces/QFusion. Although final specification is yet to be decided.

Download the Demo. (openGL rendering utilising the NeHe SDK framework).

Demo Readme:


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