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AQ2 LTKTBM Edition
Game of Life-Earth
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Game of Life - Earth

Game of Life - Earth - Large Scale - Basis Simulation - Living Art

Before I go into any kind of detail of this game and the simple ideas behind it, let me point something out, The design ideas behind it are not intended to serve any particular purpose, although, the applications it is suited to may be self evident, it was more of a past-time experiment with some of the agent economics concepts I've been toying with recently while I find the time for formal design specifications. That said, I shall leave you with the simple notions that:

1. Its quite pretty.
2. The idea implimented is just three properties above the basic Game of Life.
3. While essentially it stays true to the original game of life concept the introduction of non-deterministic cell behaviour means that the strict Game of life rules do not apply.
4. Its to enjoy rather than derive any particular conclusions from.

May I recommend Starting the simulation after setting the speed to fast and size to small.


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