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I'm genuinely very proud of this tool. its come on a very long way in what is comparatively a very short time. Please enter a search term below to query The Borg Matrix language database on a word you wish to know more about.
It will then display the summary of the information currently stored on the server about this word, along with allowing you to further explore words of related topic and hierarchy. This database is part of the TBM data-mining construct, which is one of the corner stones of the TBM_AI system development. It is to be used to help guide the data mining system understand the context and meaning of the various information streams presented to it, mine new information and derive conclusions when incorporated into the LTBTBM project.
For now only Nouns are included in the database accessible here, full text search now supported. If the interest is great enough I may get round to adding verbs and adjectives. Still the database has more than 81000 entries, more than enough to keep you going for now.

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