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AQ2 LTKTBM Edition
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LTKTBM - Changelog
LTKTBM Changelog, mSparks
Last updated: June. 03, 2006 - 14:44 [BST]
MileStone Release!
various polishing to AI and routes
m16 with m203 now fully implimented (model by mSparks)
updated "sv show_weap_bias" to include new weapons when showing learnt weapon preferance.
content updates,
linked files are now present in pak files with little/no size impact.
final release (stable) of AMP-G2 code.
added quickplay desktop item, to jump straight into a (single player) game - v cool
added the aq2world master server to the server minibrowser
completed stress testing
lots and lots of R&D.

SCI code is now game engine side:- mod independant, and fixed up somewhat (should work better now)
Routefiles are now zipfile compressed (massive HDD savings)
Bots now using AMP-G2 tables (first revision)
route compiler is now obsolete (compiler is in-game when required with 20x+ speed optimisation)
fixed long standing bug with white textures and vid_refresh (my bad)
game base is now fixed up (soon to be tested) on linux (yey!)
fixed some bugs with, and tidied up night vision.
New autoskill for numbotsteam (autoskills on team score rather than player score for uneven teams, works well for moviescript)
more AI stuff.
m203 grenade launcher for the m4 code removed for 1.8beta release (it will be back)
fixed some bugs with bot addition/removing (endmap scores no visible)
added gzip/zip compression for routefiles.
added base implimentation of amp-g2 tables for tactical terrain understanding.
added m203 grenade launcher to m4.
autoskill changes (tbm_skill 0-10, changes game pace)
Engine code base changes:
added reflection effect to transparent brushes
better lighting of wavey water
white texture bug fixed

large quantity of crashes, exploits and problems fixed
client side debris, gives bullet impacts more (visual) energy.
better handling of authentication for pure clients.
better scaling of dropped items.
ltktbm 1.7b
tweeked specialmove handling for low tunnels and lips.
fixed Com_sprintf overflow for long map comments
added sha hash function for secure client identification (cl_pure 0/1)
tweeked lightlevel for bots ignoreing players in dark areas.
added server minibrowser, code curtosy of the gloom developers (
added Q2 monsters back in for single player and game them bleeding capabilities for aq weapon damage
fixed load and savegame for single player.
added scale definitions to linkfile (faster high res loading+support for high res images without .wal equivelent)
holding down fire when using the sniper rifle now holds zoom untill released.(kudos tiger('s daughter))
Teamplay combat sword is back to lin kuei training, with no leg damage on fall
sniper rifle now causes reduced damage when delfected by a sword.
fixed dedicated server crash (eh!)
genades now eject smoking debris and also cause damage over a wider radius when exploding under water.
bots team killing much improved.
bot dispersion and pause code added.
added the following maps to installer: actcity3,cliff2,murder.
improved teamjungle gfx(thnx to BLeacH)
ladder movement should now be much improved.
fixed bot skill issue when they switched from one enemy to another
taught bots to use grenades.
fixed movie script 'pause and wait' code for leaders (range=0)
fixed an issue with changing many config strings causing overflows
added support for multiple clist files and compilation checking to route compiler
Engine code base changes:
client side effects improvements: "gl_particlelight 0/1"<-possible performance hit, but very nice
"cl_partflash 0/1"<-client side particle muzzleflashes,
New smoke and explosion effects.
improved stainmap code.
client side clipped decals for splats and bulletholes (bholelimit and splatlimit now default to 0 to reflect this)
added propogation of bullet decels through thin objects like glass.
effects menu back + updated.
fixed issue with linkfile preventing finding linked textures in their non primary folder.
greatly improved IR_vision goggles <- map lighting for IR_vision controled by gl_particlelight
added cl_fps cvar for fps view
sample ogg vorbis support added to openAL engine.

ltktbm 1.6(included in 1.3b test release)
autoskill now tweeked up, resulting in removal of ltk_skill.
More TBM code, including various movement fixes.
movie script code, including leader/guard and hostage code
added lens 1/2/4/6 for sniper rifle
new sword model curtosy of Birdman/BirdBird and skin by mSparks/[DEADEYE] along with relavent fixes.
various other minor fixes and improvements
teamplay wide, and movie script specific primary weapon dissallow
fixed spelling bug with sas/sasurban model
lin kuei changed to combat sword and leg damage returned (dont like it this way, will change for 1.7)
Engine code base is now straight 3.21 for compatibility, with the following changes:
*)new particle effects, including smoke, splash and explosion.
*)explosion stainmaps added.
*)Gamespy/other launchers should now work properly.
*)linkfile code for duplicate textures
*)added optional OpenAL sound engine to engine code for proper sound FX
*)completely optional .jpg texture loading for high resolution/colour images.
*)added blood particle generated stain maps and 'gore 0-20' command for truly bloody battles
*)Implimented linkfile system for reduction in texture number and ease of retexturing.
*)various improvements to menu system (specifically controls menu).
this code will be implimeted in other source mods (q2ice/beefquake etc) as an optional extra at a later date.
ltktbm 1.5
+added mission scripts and teammissionplay server cvar
+implimented SAI structure so implimenting TBM code is easier
+added MPMG for missionplay - thnx to Birdman for modeling for me
+implimented simple camping for missionplay
*fixed some bugs that caused crashes
*bots no longer forced to wander at start of rounds
*changed tgren default to 2

ltk 1.22 -> ltktbm 1.4
+added lazarus footstep code & new sounds.
+implimented sniper scope usage.
+added sv show_weap_bias command to show current weapon choices.
+added weapon choice learning code.
*fixed some movement issues in combination with new .lnds.
*changed ltk_skill code for more realistic skill implimentation.
*reworked movement code and goal choice.
*fixed CGF fog implimentation for compiling under linux
*implimented pathfinder routefinding.
*major crash bugs located and fixed.

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